Roofers in Baton Rouge



Are you tired of your leaky old roof? The professionals at Red Stick Restoration, LLC can help. We offer metal roofing services in the Oscar & Baton Rouge, LA areas.

We’ll inspect your roof and suggest options for replacing your roof. We can also place a new metal roof over your existing shingle roof to update it. Contact us right away to discuss your metal roofing design.

Why Install a Metal Roof?


Metal roofs are a smart choice for your property because:

  • They’ll last as long as your structure.

  • They’re resistant to fire, mildew, insects and rot.

  • They’re impervious to rain and snow.

  • They’re resistant to hail


We’ll give you a free estimate on the metal roofing services you need. Reach out to us today to upgrade your old roof with metal roofing in Oscar & Baton Rouge, LA.

Call us right away at (225)413-1967. We’ll make sure your new roofing is installed properly.